Patient Education 2016 Agent of Change Winner, Stefan Van der Merwe

Stefan has an ambitious goal in mind and an uplifting task ahead of him. He has launched a company called CHOW, with its very own app, that aims to change the way we choose food when we eat out – no easy task, we know.

CHOW helps restaurants, canteens and schools to offer healthier meals. The public can search for these healthier facilities in the CHOW app, giving them the opportunity to identify and choose healthy options when away from the home. Each CHOW accredited facility will have the CHOW logo next to the healthier options on the menu as well as the full nutritional breakdown in the app. The public will also earn CHOW bucks in the app for making healthier choices which they can trade in for discounts, vouchers, etc.

The aim of CHOW is to make the healthy choice the most attractive choice and in turn change consumer behaviour over time by rewarding positive change. CHOW meal options are currently available in over 300 popular restaurant outlets nationwide including Spurs and Jimmy Killer Fish & Prawn restaurants– and it is growing rapidly.

The City of Johannesburg has shown interest in using the app for their healthy restaurant program and the Department of Health has included CHOW in their National Obesity Strategy. For more information on CHOW visit